Hot Licks

Since Gene Simmons declared rock n’ roll dead, nobody wants to hear about the genre anymore. So take this column as my personal echo chamber.

British band Royal Blood is kick a**. A three word summary of their music would have to be “bassy riff rock.” They take the bassist/drummer lineup and use it to make music to dance to (and rightly so).

Check out their track “Ten Tonne Skeleton” from their self-titled (and first) album. It features a lead riff line reminiscent of CKY’s “96 Quite Bitter Beings,” a vocal melody that would please any fan of Muse’s album Supermassive Black Hole, and warm minimalist production. While listening to the track, my head bobs unless I make a conscious effort to avoid the action.

In listening to Royal Blood’s album, you tend to forget that Royal Blood is only comprised of two members. They sound so much larger. The only issue with the band is the lack of variety, but at this point in their career that’s fine with me.