Student Senate meeting minutes

Ex officio report: Thanassis Rikakis

Vice Provost for Design, Arts, and Technology and head of the Integrative Design, Arts and Technology (IDeATe) program Thanassis Rikakis spoke regarding the new program, noting the benefits of collaborative learning and how IDeATe can prepare students for entering new, creative industries. Rikakis said that there are now 35 studio-based courses on topics like game design and new markets for music.

IDeATe already has over 200 students participating and hopes to reach 500. Regarding the IDeATe facilities in Hunt, students have to take minis that teach students how to use the equipment in these areas before gaining access, and Rikakis reported that he will look into whether students can use their printing quota for 3-D printing.

Discussion on funding Greek organizations

Following the tabling of an allocation request to grant $750 to the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon for their Labor Day barbecue, a discussion was held on whether funding should be provided to Greek organizations.
The Joint Funding Committee (JFC), which allocates the pool of money generated by students’ activity fees, currently only provides funding to recognized student organizations and not to fraternities or sororities because Greek organizations discriminate based on gender. However, there is no policy stating that Student Senate cannot fund unrecognized organizations, so a straw poll was held in which the majority of voting members were in favor of providing special allocations for unrecognized organizations but with certain restrictions.