Oculus VR TOC table staffed by impersonators

Many students received an email last week telling them that the people staffing the table for Oculus VR at the Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) were impersonating recruiters.

According to the email sent by Senior Director of Strategic Programs and Special Projects in the College of Engineering Kelly McQuoid, “We have reason to believe that the individuals at the Oculus VR table during the TOC were impersonating recruiters. According to recruiters at neighboring tables, these individuals left with a stack of résumés. We do not know if they will attempt to contact you.”

The TOC is sponsored by the College of Engineering and is organized by Carnegie Mellon’s student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers.

This year, over 300 companies attended the TOC, making the normally two-day event three days long. The TOC ran Mon., Sept. 17–Wed. Sept. 19. Oculus VR was scheduled to attend the career fair on Wednesday.

Although Oculus VR did register to attend the TOC, McQuoid said in a separate email to The Tartan, the company later said it was unable to participate. “At some point,” McQuoid wrote in her email, “a few people stepped into the empty booth and started posing as recruiters.”

Recruiters at neighboring booths told McQuoid that the “recruiters” did not bring any signage other than what Carnegie Mellon provided and did not stay in the booth for very long. The impostors collected résumés from students and left with the résumés.

“It was reported to us that résumés were removed from the booth,” McQuoid told The Tartan. “Once this came to our attention, we began the process of notifying students, as well as identifying the individuals who perpetrated the prank.”

According to McQuoid, “The résumés have since been returned to me, and I will pass them along to Oculus VR,” and if students are “contacted by the company going forward, those contacts should be viewed as legitimate.”

Oculus VR is known for producing Oculus Rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display. The company was founded in 2012 and was acquired by Facebook in March 2014. Oculus VR, according to its website, is still looking for interns for the upcoming summer.

Oculus VR was founded by Palmer Luckey, a “self-described virtual reality enthusiast and hardware geek,” according to the company’s website. The company created the first version of Oculus Rift with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $2.4 million from numerous backers.

“The TOC is designed to positively showcase the multitude of mature, talented, and capable students on a professional level,” McQuoid wrote in her email to The Tartan. “We will evaluate our process and on-site security at the next TOC event to ensure that, even in a crowded venue, we have oversight to address issues of this nature.”

The university is working to identify the impersonators.