Campus crime & incident reports

Adirondack Chair Theft
Sept. 19. 2014

A Carnegie Mellon student reported a blue Adirondack chair stolen from the side porch on 624 Clyde St., a Carnegie Mellon housing complex, at 1 p.m. Another Adirondack chair was stolen on Sept. 21 at an unknown time.

Alcohol Amnesty
Sept. 20, 2014

In response to a call regarding an intoxicated student, University Police and CMU EMS arrived at the fifth floor of Morewood Gardens. The student was treated and no citations were made; this incident was covered by Alcohol Amnesty.

Underage Drinking
Sept. 20, 2014

University Police, CMU EMS, and city of Pittsburgh medics arrived at the Residence on Fifth to treat an intoxicated student, who was cited for underage drinking.

An intoxicated student was found staggering on the sidewalk by a University Police officer. When the officer stopped to check on her, she was given medical aid and cited for underage drinking and disorderly conduct.

Disorderly Conduct
Sept. 20, 2014

A Carnegie Mellon student was cited for disorderly conduct after a University Police officer on patrol found him on top of a flatbed construction trailer near the intersection of Forbes Avenue and Beeler Street.

Public Drunkenness
Sept. 20, 2014

University police found an into xicated student lying on the floor of the first floor men’s restroom in Hamburg Hall. The student was given medical aid and cited for public drunkenness.

Bicycle Theft
Sept. 20, 2014

A bicycle was stolen from a bike rack in the south entrance of the East Campus Garage. The owner reported that he had fastened his bicycle with a cable lock at 8 p.m. on Sept. 19 and realized it was gone at 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 20.

Gas and Parking Card Theft
Sept. 22, 2014

A Carnegie Mellon student reported a WEX fuel card and a Carnegie Mellon parking card unlawfully removed from a white box truck in a parking lot at 6555 Penn Ave. Video footage and fuel card records have been recovered.

Theft from a Vehicle
Sept. 23, 2014

A Carnegie Mellon student reported personal property unlawfully taken from his vehicle between 7 and 7:45 p.m. The vehicle, parked on Frew Street Extension, was found with a smashed window. The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police is investigating this incident.