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HeForShe is admirable, but breaks no ground

Watson’s brand of feminism is neither perfect nor groundbreaking, but in the end, she is still a real asset to the feminist movement.

Syrian refugees global issue without solution

The Syrian refugee crisis is indeed a global crisis, but one that lacks a clear solution.

China, U.S. may lead climate fight

China and the United States are both taking steps to change the game of environmental politics, but both also face further challenges in leading the charge against climate change.

New finals schedule benefits some but hurts more

While some people will certainly benefit from the new final examination schedule, the change seems a small reward from creating a stressful situation for other students.

Ride-shares should be model for Pittsburgh cabs

Cab companies need to lobby for change, and ride-share companies need to be transparent about their practices.

Patients must be put before profits

Now more than ever, the United States has forced the elderly to live and die in pain, attached to machines against their will. This is not the result of a system in their best interest.

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