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“Sexy role model” not a contradiction in terms

Society has a way of condemning women — and especially female celebrities — who own their sexuality like Nicki Minaj does. However, being sexy and being a "role model" are not mutually exclusive.

New iPhone 6 is bigger, better, worthwhile buy

The new iPhone 6s and 6 Plus phones are bigger, better, and true workhorses compared to earlier models.

Online learning not education’s future

The Minerva Project and other institutes of virtual higher education strip away important college experiences and the opportunity to communicate and find one’s passions through social interactions.

Scottish independence vote was a good call

Voting against independence may have wound up getting Scots more of what they want without sacrificing what they have. Valuing economic stability over cultural pride was a well-reasoned choice.

Sexual assault focus groups show pointed action

Carnegie Mellon's new initiatives for preventing on-campus sexual assault are not perfect, but if proper advantage is taken of them, then community members can take initiative to shift the dialogue.

Letter to the Editor: CMU’s Scott Institute is researching shale in PA

Carnegie Mellon's Scott Institute is highly engaged in shale gas research and its effects on Pennsylvania's environment.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan pulled on a sweater and bought a pumpkin spice latte this week. So we asked,
What’s your favorite thing about the fall weather?

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