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MDA oversteps bounds with its Kroger campaign

The push to limit firearms in public places is understandable in our current gun-reactionary society, but it may not be successful if spearheaded by an organization like Moms Demand Action.

CMU may make “innovation” a dead buzzword

Instead of setting up new school buildings and boasting about vague "innovative" initiatives, we should focus on letting the brilliant individuals of this campus shine.

Independent Scotland will affect EU

Despite the challenges involved, if Scotland succeeds in separating from the United Kingdom, we may see a new precedent for European independence.

Obama must stop stalling real immigration reform

President Obama's broken promise to immigrants, their families, and their allies shows how difficult it is to take significant action in the United States' political system.

Letter to the Editor: CMU resources for assault victims must be improved

While Carnegie Mellon's initiatives may be well-intentioned, there is clearly more that Carnegie Mellon needs to learn about the realities of campus sexual assault.

iPhone unveil proves Apple still a leader

Historically recognized as an industry leader, Apple is now becoming more and more of an industry follower.

WhyIStayed hashtag empowers domestic abuse victims

The hashtag WhyIStayed pivots the conversation surrounding domestic violence away from victim-blaming towards providing support for those who suffer from it.

PA environmental issues need CMU attention

Uncertainty surrounding the negative health effects of fracking in Pennsylvania underscores the need for institutions like Carnegie Mellon to conduct thorough academic analyses of such local issues.

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