Transition your wardrobe

Each summer brings new styles that we enjoy wearing for the few months of warmth we get before it becomes too cold to wear them.

This summer saw the revival of the kimono, a traditional Japanese robe, which was slightly altered, embellished, and modernized to appeal to the contemporary fashionista. Thrown over a tank top and some denim shorts, it made for the perfect summer outfit. Celebrities such as Rita Ora and Vanessa Hudgens were seen giving this trend a try. Ora was seen wearing a dark floral kimono jacket with a simple short black dress in the airport while Hudgens chose to pair a long tie-dyed and fringed kimono with a loosely fitted dress.

Kimonos even look great with dresses and sandals for a casual evening look. To transition this trend into the fall, wear it as you would a normal jacket while the weather is still relatively warm. One of the biggest trends this summer, the kimono is here to stay for the next few months and could even reappear next summer. Keep wearing it if you have one, and if you don’t, it isn’t too late to get one!

Maxi dresses have been a summer staple for the past couple of years and they reappeared this summer with new details. While the high-low hemline for dresses and skirts has been more or less phased out, many maxi dresses now have a sheer overlay and a shorter layer underneath. Maxi dresses and skirts with one or, especially this summer, two slits were common. While the maxi dress is mostly a summer item, maxi skirts can sometimes be transitioned into the fall if the material is thicker and a darker color. In the fall, wear your maxi skirt with a light, cropped sweater to keep that summery vibe.

The daisy pattern is a recently growing trend that was huge this summer, too. Daisies may seem like a childish pattern, but they can now be found on nearly everything, from tops to skirts to dresses. Though floral patterns are more characteristic of summer, simply layer a cardigan over your daisy-patterned dress and pair it with boots for fall.

Rompers are yet another staple for the ideal summer closet and, like the maxi dress, showed up in a variety of new designs this summer. For some reason, many clothing pieces this summer had mini embellishments similar to pom-poms lining the hemline, and rompers were no exception. In addition to mini pom-poms, other embellishments commonly seen on rompers this summer included crochet hemlines and flouncy top layers over the bottom. Rompers are clothing pieces that are difficult to transition into the fall, and should just be kept in your closet until next summer.

Though they’re quite similar to rompers, matching top-and-bottom sets could be found at many stores this summer. Fashion-forward retailers, such as Topshop, carried tops that were usually cropped with a high-waisted skirt or a pair of shorts in a matching pattern that were meant to be worn together. Celebrities sporting this trend included Taylor Swift, who wore a red textured crop top and matching skirt from the brand Aqua, as well as Kaley Cuoco, who opted for a floral crop top and matching loosely-fitted pants. It is difficult to predict whether this trend will also reappear next summer, but overall, these matching top-and-bottom sets are strictly a summer piece that, like rompers, should be stored in your closet until the following summer.

While denim shorts are a dependable summer piece, they were overshadowed by the presence of more comfortable fabric shorts this summer. The detailed fabric shorts may have replaced denim shorts this summer not only due to the comfort they provide, but also because of their versatility. They can easily be made the center of any outfit. It is highly likely that these will continue to be in style next summer, so go grab yourself a pair if you don’t have them already. Match them with a plain top, loose sweater, and some boots for slightly cooler September days.

Another clothing trend that was prevalent this summer was the asymmetrical hem skort. The skirt-and-shorts combination that most of us thought we left behind in elementary school reappeared with a revamped design this summer that was less childish. An asymmetric, pointed hem could be found in the front of these skorts, making for a unique design that was very trendy. Usually these should be saved for more formal occasions. They look amazing with a dressy top and heels and can still be worn for nicer occasions in the upcoming months.

Gladiator sandals reappeared this summer — as they have for the past few years — and again could be found in an assortment of heights. The tall gladiator sandal trend that I had thought would come to an end last summer returned even trendier this summer. They look great with sundresses, shorts, and basically anything! Before it’s time to start wearing boots, gladiator sandals make for a great alternative. If you don’t have a pair, now’s the time to get one, especially since gladiator sandals will be on sale at the end of the summer. They’re a style that you can depend on staying in fashion for a while.