Carnival Announcement Timely, Shows Forethought

Due to delays in construction of the Tepper Quadrangle, the 101st Spring Carnival will remain in the Morewood parking lot, Spring Carnival Committee said in June via their website. The committee’s announcement was clearly communicated almost a full academic year before Carnival, a move that shows considerable and transparent thought for students.

Last year, the committee maintained a Spring Carnival 100 website to release information. Announcements on the website for the 100th year informed students about the possible relocation for the following Carnival.

The site discussed potential locations for hosting Carnival’s main events, such as Booth and rides, after the start of the Tepper Quadrangle’s construction.

Tasked with running an event that elicits significant student interest and anticipation, the committee has been consistent in providing students with as much information as it can, even when unsure of final outcomes during deliberations.

The committee, in tandem with university faculty heading the event, has been candid about this uncertainty and hosted a town hall about the relocation to collect campus members’ input.

Arguably the largest campus-wide event, Spring Carnival connects a variety of individuals and organizations that need to collaboratively plan months in advance.

Having an organization at the forefront that is communicative with the other involved organizations, and with the student population, is appreciated and a necessity.

As the committee continues outreach, The Tartan hopes it will continue to use its various channels of communication, like its website and public meetings, to gather student input and release the latest information pertaining to Spring Carnival.

Spring Carnival is meant to provide students with a few days of relaxation, and the committee has shown that it strives to serve those students by effectively reducing the guess work and anxiety about the future of this campus tradition.