I am so underwhelmed and unsurprised by the choice to have Mac Miller and Icona Pop play at Carnival this year, I can barely get riled up enough to share my opinion.

But this is music, and the Tartan is giving me my very own soapbox, so, why don’t I?

I don’t know a lot about Mac Miller, I admit. All I know is that he is a rapper, and he is from Pittsburgh. That’s it. I know someone who saw him in Squirrel Hill once, and everyone was very excited about it.

Despite my limited knowledge of Mac Miller, I do at least know everything there is to know about Icona Pop: that one song from Girls. Seriously, I’ll go see Icona Pop just to watch the change in the crowd from bored and uninterested to foamy­-mouthed fans when they play that one song.

I can think of a ton of artists I would have been jazzed to see at Carnival. First of all, Danny Brown would have been killer. I know we like to pick rappers for this, so lets get an awesome one, right? Old was such a good album, and I think it came out recently enough to be relevant. Plus he has a song featuring Charli XCX as well, so people wouldn’t miss that Icona Pop song too much.

But if we wanted to break the monotony of rap, I’d be down to see Empire of the Sun as well. They’re a crowd­pleaser, like MGMT, except they never released an album as personally disappointing as Congratulations was. Plus, they have this crazy glam­rock, king­-of-­Neptune thing going on. I bet it would be fun as hell to watch.

I’m not pleased with the concert choice, but that’s okay. That’s not really all that Carnival is about. It’s about people waking up way too early for Buggy, and professors canceling class on Wednesday because “none of you would come anyway.” It’s about not having to do homework! And, in my case, it’s about escaping briefly to Morgantown to see Tobaxxo and The Hood Internet, which is going to be gnarly, in the best sense of the word.