A brief history of Carnival

1915: Qualification Day, which heralds acceptance of first years as full Carnegie Men, is established.

1920: First ever Campus Week, including a live circus. Sweepstakes is established and the Carnival buggy races begin. The Campus Queen tradition is established.

1930: "Spring Carnival" is established, following a long series of discussions after Campus Week is abandoned in 1928. Float Parade and Canoe Tilt traditions are established.

1949: Alpha Phi Omega begins selling concessions on the Midway.

1954: Float Parade tradition is turned into competitive booth.

1960: Carnival moves out of its historic home on the Cut and into the Skibo parking lot.

1969: Sorority booth category is added.

1970's:In a big decade for women's rights, the Campus Queen tradition is abolished and a women's Sweepstakes category is established. Carnival also shifts focus to be more entertainment-based with the establishment of the Activities Board.

1976: Independent organization booth category is added.

1981: Victor, the 651-pound bear who drinks 7-Up, comes to Carnival and wrestles five fraternity men. All participants lose to Victor.

1995: Mobot competition is established, Carnival moves to Morewood Gardens parking lot.

2014: Carnival celebrates its 100th anniversary. With the announcement of the Tepper Quadrangle to be built over the Morewood Gardens parking lot, Carnival is set to move over to the College of Fine Arts parking lot in 2015.