Campus crime and incident

Underage Drinking
March 29, 2014

A University Police officer on patrol saw a visibly intoxicated male at the intersection of Forbes and Morewood Avenues. After stopping to check on the individual, the officer confirmed that he was under 21. The man, who was not a Carnegie Mellon affiliate, was cited for underage drinking and given further medical assistance.

Underage Drinking and False ID Card
March 29, 2014

University Police cited a Carnegie Mellon student who was visibly intoxicated in front of Hamburg Hall. At the time, the student presented the officer with a false ID card, and was later confirmed to be under the legal drinking age. The student was cited for two offenses — underage drinking and carrying a false ID — and was given medical aid.

Underage Drinking
March 30, 2014

A Carnegie Mellon student was cited after she passed out in the television lounge of Hamerschlag House. A security officer checking the area noticed the unconscious student and checked on her. University Police later confirmed that she was under the legal drinking age, and transported the female to the hospital for further treatment after citing her for underage drinking.

University Police also cited a Carnegie Mellon student who had passed out while eating at Skibo Cafe. A passer-by who noticed the student called University Police, who found the student slumped over with his face resting on a plate of food. The male was identified and cited for underage drinking, and after being tended to by CMU EMS, was released in the care of a sober friend.

Suspicious Activity
April 1, 2014

University Police responded to Mudge House after a student reported to University Police that at 8:55 p.m. he was walking on Morewood Avenue near Stever House when a gray or brown Cadillac pulled up next to him. According to the student, a black male in his mid-thirties or early forties rolled down the window and reached for the glove compartment, while the vehicle was at a complete stop. The student, who was afraid of being robbed, ran away and could not confirm the driver’s intention.

Underage Drinking
April 2, 2014

University Police responded to McGill House after a community adviser contacted them after hearing a party in the dormitory that might involve underage drinking. When the police arrived, they confiscated all alcohol and cited five individuals for underage drinking.