New student government must fulfill platforms

Last week the results from the student body elections revealed that Ian Glasner and Shalini Ray were elected as student body president and vice president, respectively. Glasner and Ray displayed a great deal of confidence and experience in the debates held prior to the election and have an ambitious platform promised for their upcoming term.

It’s important for Glasner and Ray to remember and be accountable for these goals, ranging from reforms of the dining system to changing the dorm alcohol policy on campus. During the SBP/SBVP debates, they displayed their knowledge of the systems related to student government and campus administration in an impressive manner, especially with Glasner referencing meetings he held with various campus officials regarding the issues being campaigned on. However, a few topics — specifically the dorm alcohol policy — will be difficult to accomplish. Glasner and Ray need to put their utmost effort into representing the wishes of our student body and carrying out their initiatives in a practical and well-reasoned way.

Glasner and Ray exhibited remarkable poise and institutional knowledge prior to their election, and we hope that they will continue to impress as they assume their respective student government roles.

Similarly, recently-elected Student Body Vice President for Finance (SBVPF) Divya Kothandapani and Student Body Vice President for Organizations (SBVPO) Jack Michalak must strive to fulfill their duties to the student body as they assume office.

Kothandapani’s campaign platform did not promise reforms as bold as those suggested by SBP and SBVP candidates, but her desire for a more comprehensible budgeting process would be an excellent addition to the current system.

Michalak campaigned on goals including expediting the organization recognition process and improving how student organizations receive advice. His platform also addressed supporting broader initiatives such as improving room selection, the installation of gender-neutral restrooms, and expanding the amnesty policy to cover drugs. While all important topics, Michalak should focus most of his efforts on accomplishing what is most in his power to do so. As a sophomore, Michalak has the opportunity to run for higher student office, where he’d have greater power to tackle and throw greater support behind some of these broader reforms.

The Tartan congratulates the newly elected SBP, SBVP, SBVPF, SBVPO, as well as the college senators. We hope that those elected will be accountable for their promises and work with the student body to build a better campus community.