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CancelColbert fiasco is social justice gone wrong

As the recent #CancelColbert controversy has demonstrated, insular and sterilized conversations peppered with knee-jerk reactions do not in any way advance social justice causes.

American Exceptionalism remains vital

American Exceptionalism is far from obsolete, though its defining factors have changed. We remain an incredibly unique nation, offering a culture that cannot be found anywhere else.

Malaysia flight media coverage misguided

Major media outlets, by throwing speculations and extrapolations on missing Malaysia Flight 370, have lead us to question their authority and integrity on such relatable, high-profile incidents.

No double-booking registration eases stress

Carnegie Mellon's new registration policy will encourage students to make decisions about their next semester’s course work earlier on and help alleviate some stress among the student body.

Suspended animation risky, could save lives

In beginning ethically sound human trials on suspended animation, the medical community is taking advantage of an unconventional technique with huge life-saving potential.

New student government must fulfill platforms

The Tartan congratulates the newly elected student administration, and hopes that they will be accountable for their promises and work with the student body to build a better campus community.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is about ready for the biggest Carnegie Mellon event of the year. So we asked, "what are you most excited about for Carnival?"

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