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Spring Carnival staying put in Morewood parking lot

Spring Carnival will be held in the Morewood parking lot next year due to construction delays of the Tepper Quadrangle.

Senate, GSA ratify 2014–15 JFC budget

Student Senate and the GSA held a joint meeting on Thursday to hear second-round budget appeals and ratify the slate for total Joint Funding Committee (JFC) allocations for the 2014–15 fiscal year.

Tepper talks business, philanthropy

Tepper returned to Carnegie Mellon to edify an audience on his vision for the new Tepper Quadrangle, answer questions about his business strategy and sing a few bars from Elvis’s “Heartbreak Hotel”.

SolePower aims to charge smartphones with footsteps

In 2013 alone, Carnegie Mellon launched a record 36 startups which produce everything from 3-D printers, in the case of PieceMaker Technologies, to artificial heart valves, in the case of PECA Labs.

Zuckerberg lectures on marketing, social media

Randi Zuckerberg spoke about her role in the development of Facebook and the books and projects of Zuckerberg media, offering advice on how to obtain balance in a life surrounded by technology.

Campus news in brief

This week the Computer Club discovered never-before-seen art by alumnus Andy Warhol on Amiga diskettes and Carnegie Mellon roboticists worked with the Girls of Steel to build the AutoDesk ReCap Robot.

Campus crime and incident

This week university police investigated the theft of a bicycle wheel and dealt with several trespassers on Carnegie Mellon's campus.

Student Senate meeting minutes

Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly had a joint session this week to approve the slated Joint Funding Committee budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

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