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Don't let plans get in the way of your passions

A graduating senior reflects that uncertainty is incredibly scary, but it helps to know that whatever changes, you can take the steps to do what you love and, in that, find satisfaction.

Colleges need socioeconomic diversity

Colleges are right to focus on diversity, but many elite universities - including Carnegie Mellon - ignore the socioeconomic homogeneity of their student bodies.

Fracking is not energy answer for Americans

The fact that fracking has started to receive so much attention as a possible catalyst for the American economy means that many remain blind to the environmental consequences of dirty energy.

Federal government has power to tackle oligarchy

RESPONSE: In opposition to an article last week, a weaker federal government would actually make it vastly easier for special interests to exert a greater influence in shaping public policies.

Bundy stands up for libertarian values

Cliven Bundy's standoff against tax collectors over unpaid cattle grazing fees is just the reminder America needs of our deep roots in libertarian insurrection.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan can’t believe that the end of the year is almost upon us. So we asked, "How do you manage stress during finals?"

New FCC Proposal Threatens Future of Net Neutrality

If companies are able to pay Internet providers for better access, this blow to net neutrality could stem the flow of a free Internet as we know it.

Thistles & Thorns

The Tartan presents this year's list of people and happenings that are worthy of recognition both good and bad.

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