Styles for summer wardrobes

[Left to Right] Chante Adams, Cara Ronzetti, and Johari Mackey. (credit: Jonathan Leung/Photo Editor) [Left to Right] Chante Adams, Cara Ronzetti, and Johari Mackey. (credit: Jonathan Leung/Photo Editor)

Summer is quickly approaching, and the question that everyone’s wondering is: “What do I wear?” After all, it’s been so cold for the past few months that it’s easy to forget how to dress for the warmth. Even more likely is the possibility that you want to stray from shorts and T-shirts to something more fashionable. There are a lot of perfect summer clothing options for whatever plans you have this summer, including internships, volunteering, or doing absolutely nothing.

Though there are people who spend their summers on the couch, many try to get some type of work experience. Choosing what to wear for a job or internship can be a hassle, since the clothes people wear in warmer weather are usually more relaxed. For a work setting, choose nice shirts and blouses that are polished, but still lightweight and summery. What you wear can also vary greatly depending on how formal you have to dress. If the suggested attire is more relaxed, check out the brand Anthropologie for cute, classy blouses. These blouses can be worn with nice pencil skirts that are either black or patterned.

Maybe you’re spending your summer volunteering. While there’s no need to dress formally, there is probably a dress code that requires you to look polished, to an extent. White jeans are a summer staple that look clean and classy as well. Wear these with a girly floral blouse for a dressed-up look. Sundresses, especially of the floral variety, are great for volunteering as well if you’re allowed to wear them. Since flip-flops or sandals are generally not allowed at places where you need to dress up, wear Sperry’s, which are also called “boat shoes” by some, and are polished enough to wear for such occasions. Ballet flats are another cute spring/summer option.

Many students spend their summers frequenting music festivals, such as the more well-known Lollapalooza in Chicago. Clothing stores have caught on to the trend as well — websites like Tobi.com advertise clothes that one would wear for the “festival season.” This style is commonly characterized by high-waisted shorts, crop tops, and floral headbands. While I wouldn’t recommend dressing as if going to a music festival on a daily basis, this style makes for great pictures!

A variety of high-waisted shorts can already be found at most stores. The best ones look like they were cut from jeans. If you’re feeling particularly thrifty or creative, you can even try this approach on your own. All you need are some old-fashioned high-waisted jeans and some scissors. If you’re a huge fan of dip-dyed shorts, you can make those yourself as well. There are plenty of tutorials online and videos on YouTube that teach you how to dip-dye and customize shorts. A lot of people try to cut their own crop tops as well, but I recommend buying one.

Maxi dresses are a trend that I always associate with vacations to exotic locations, though they can be worn on days where you feel like looking classy, but still casual. Maxi dresses come in a variety of patterns, and can be layered with denim jackets in cooler weather. They look best with sandals. Maxi skirts are another casual summer option, and look great with shorter T-shirts and tank tops. Brandy Melville has many choices for maxi skirts and dresses, as well as other pieces that complement them. Another variation of this style includes the thin, breezy bell bottoms that you can find at Brandy Melville or Free People, which can be paired in combinations similar to maxi skirts for a casual summer look.