Campus crime and incident

Underage drinking
April 11, 2014

University Police, CMU EMS, and Pittsburgh city medics responded to the Mall outside of Baker Hall to treat an intoxicated student. The student was cited for underage drinking.

University Police and city medics also gave medical assistance to an intoxicated woman at the Spring Carnival concert. The woman was visibly in need of assistance and confirmed to be under the legal drinking age. The woman and three other students were cited for underage drinking at the concert.

Public drunkenness
April 11, 2014

University Police cited a Robert Morris University student for public drunkenness after he fell in front of Doherty Hall and hit his face on the sidewalk. The student declined medical treatment, and was taken to the University Police station until he could be released into the care of a sober adult.

Underage Drinking
April 12, 2014

University Police and CMU EMS responded to the intersection of Forbes Avenue and Margaret Morrison Street to help an intoxicated student, who was then cited for underage drinking.

Another Carnegie Mellon student was cited for underage drinking after walking through a medical scene at the intersection of Forbes Avenue and Margaret Morrison Street.

University Police also cited a student for underage drinking after he walked through the Greek Quadrangle visibly intoxicated. The student then received proper medical care.

A Carnegie Mellon student was cited for underage drinking after becoming physically ill at the corner of Fifth and Morewood Avenues. The student was given proper medical care.

A student was also cited for underage drinking in Morewood Gardens after police received reports that he was knocking on doors throughout the building.

Domestic Situation
April 12, 2014

University Police responded to a Carnegie Mellon residence hall after receiving a domestic disturbance call. When the police arrived, they found that a male Carnegie Mellon student had initiated a physical and verbal altercation with his girlfriend, who is not a Carnegie Mellon affiliate. After a brief struggle with the police, the student was arrested and taken to Allegheny County Jail. The student has been charged with aggravated and simple assault, underage drinking, and resisting arrest.

The Simpsons cutout theft
April 13, 2014

University Police responded to the Greek Quadrangle after reports of three people stealing cutouts of characters from The Simpsons at 1091 Morewood Avenue. A member of the AEPi fraternity took pictures of the people who stole the cutouts, and University Police are working on identifying the thieves.

Suspicious Activity
April 14, 2014

University Police responded to the parking lot near Hamburg Hall after receiving reports of a man selling food out of his vehicle. The police escorted the man off of Carnegie Mellon property, informing him that solicitation is not permitted and further incidents will lead to further action.

Lab Theft
April 18, 2014
University Police are investigating thefts from a lab in Doherty Hall that occurred over the last six weeks, resulting in the loss of $700 worth of equipment.