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Cut federal power, eliminate oligarchy

Limiting the power of the federal government will limit the incentives for oligarchy and restore the democratic ideals that our country was founded upon.

Limits on campaign funds vital to prevent corruption

Limits on campaign spending and contributions, which the Supreme Court recently struck down, are important in reducing the power of the super-wealthy in elections and preventing corruption.

Election of Modi is threat to India’s large democracy

Narendra Modi, who has served as chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, will most likely win the elections despite a shameful history of state-sanctioned violence during his tenure.

Pulitzer right for awarding Snowden coverage

By commending coverage on NSA's surveillance programs, the Pulitzer Prize reaffirms its commitment to rewarding the argumentation of public knowledge.

Google Glass hurts privacy, social interaction

The public release of Google Glass brings new ethical and social questions regarding privacy and social interactivity in society.

India’s new ruling advances trans recognition

India’s Supreme Court has made an excellent step toward creating greater acceptance of transgender people within India and beyond it.

Culture should never be an accessory

When celebrities pick and choose certain elements of a culture to use as part of their image, they are essentially turning an entire culture into an accessory.

A Person's Opinion

he Tartan has been spotting plenty of admitted student tours on campus lately. So we asked, "should students put themselves in debt in order to attend more prestigious universities?"

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