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Death penalty is bad news

The death penalty is costly and represents a totalitarian worldview that the rest of the world has abandoned.

Meal block times not suited to students

There are many ways Dining Services could fix the meal block system, including shifting the block schedule to a later time in order to better fit with student life.

Now is the age of cities

Cities are becoming centers of political energy and social change, replacing the nation-state as the main engine of political progress. We are living in the Age of the City.

Satire shouldn’t call out racism with more racism

The kind of satire which provoked the recent #CancelColbert scandal - that which uses one oppressed minority to emphasize the wrongs done to another - never works and demeans already oppressed groups.

Digital Career Fairs hurt personal connections

Though digital career fairs offer an excellent second route for job hunting, they also eliminate the opportunity for person-to-person connections that are the crucial feature of traditional job fairs.

Good businessmen free to have odious beliefs

As evidenced by the recent resignation of homophobic Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, the personal beliefs of powerful people should not be relevant unless they use that power to promote discrimination.

Centennial Carnival was resounding success

The centennial Carnival was an exciting celebration of Carnegie Mellon and the brilliant things our university's students can accomplish.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan had a great time at Carnival this weekend! So we asked, "what would you like to see at the 101st Carnival?"

CMU must facilitate identity discussion

Events such as the recent talk with trans woman writer Janet Mock are vital in facilitating discussion about intersecting identities.

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