Navigating the troubled seas of patterned pants

Patterned pants are a trend that have been in style for quite a while now, yet most people continue to be wary of them. Though patterned pants can be slightly more challenging to style than solid colors, choosing what to wear with them should become a breeze after reading this article. All you need is a couple of tips and tricks on what you should and shouldn’t wear with patterned pants to ensure that you look cool and unique, but not like you belong to the circus.

Colored jeans fall under the category of patterned pants, and they’re considered an important spring staple for many. Choosing the right color is the first step before you consider styling them. Mint green, pale blue, and coral are common colors of jeans that people tend to wear in the spring and summer. They’re also good for dressing in-season on days that are slightly colder. These jeans can be worn with a variety of tops, including pretty floral tanks and blouses, or a crisp white shirt for a slightly more professional look. These colored jeans would also look good with light sweaters in cream or beige. In terms of shoes, colored jeans look great with ballet flats, a classic example of spring footwear.

Printed pants in general are also very fashion-forward for spring. The floral pattern is a common choice for printed pants. Pairing floral pants with a solid top containing one of the colors that the pants have in them is a great choice. For example, if the flowers that are part of the floral pattern have purple, pink, and blue flowers in them, wear a nice blouse in the same shade of purple (or pink, or blue) to highlight that color. This rule applies even if the print on the pants isn’t floral. Usually, the pants will be white with a pattern or black with a pattern, so it would look better to wear a colored top rather than a top in a neutral color.

The shape of the printed pants is also important. Take, for instance, the bohemian corduroy pants at Free People. These wide-legged pants are especially hard to pull off but can still be attempted by those who are willing to take risks in fashion. Due to their shape, they look better with fitted tops. Add layered necklaces or other bohemian accessories to accessorize and create a complete look. Free People also has skinny printed corduroy pants that can be paired with a billowy top in a neutral color.

Harem pants have also recently come into style and are great for summer because they’re light and comfortable. They always have unique prints and are found in bright colors as well. Wear them with casual T-shirts or tank tops in neutral colors, and choose either sandals or short ankle boots for footwear.
These pants should also be differentiated from printed leggings. While patterned pants give a more dressed-up look and should be worn when you want to look put-together, wear patterned leggings for something more casual. Leggings come in the widest assortment of patterns, but it is necessary to sort the good from the bad. Some patterned leggings can be found in a strange, sheer and shiny pattern, which should be avoided since they’ll probably be somewhat see-through as well. Floral leggings — as in the case of pants — are the most common. However, these should be paired with a neutral tunic or baggy T-shirt with a light, modest pattern on it. Other patterns of leggings can be found, ranging from tribal prints to geometric prints. Note that the printed leggings should be worn with longer, baggy tops; these tops need to have designs that do not clash with the patterns on the leggings.

There are a lot of ways to wear printed pants, especially because of the range in styles in which they’re available. As a result, there’s no need for the idea of printed pants to scare you from trying this trend. Printed pants have been in style for quite a while now, so it’s time for you to join the trend!