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Millennials will shake up political future

Millenials are pragmatic, crave peer-to-peer contact, abhor the artificiality of traditional American politics, and will shape 21st century American society in unprecedented ways.

Government must honor private contract

As evidenced by the far-reaching Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, the federal government should not violate the sanctity of private contracts for any reason or in any way.

Uncertain if Facebook is reality Oculus needs

Facebook's acquisition of Oculus Rift may revolutionize the way we communicate or simply become a luxury prop. Either way, it is a loss for the gaming industry.

Nuclear sanctions not enough to reach Russia

The United States must lead the Western powers in an effort to tear down the still-existing Cold War barriers between East and West. Nuclear sanctions are insufficient to make Russia back down.

Girl Scouts empowers with financial literacy

Girl Scouts places girls in the position to learn valuable life skills, such as money management, time efficiency, interpersonal communication, leadership, and perseverance in pursuit of goals.

Pittsburgh open data encourages public trust

The adoption of Pittsburgh’s open data initiative is not only a victory for proponents of open government, but also signals an important and long-needed shift in city governance.

Corporate choices should not trump personal

Both the owners of Hobby Lobby and its employees have a right to their religious beliefs. However, one of those groups should not get to choose for the other.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is trying to stay on top of the news this week. So we asked, "When people come to Carnegie Mellon, do they become detached from current events?"

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