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Astrobotic qualifies for Milestone Prize from Lunar XPRIZE

Carnegie Mellon's spinoff company Astrobotic recently received Milestone Funding from Google's Lunar XPRIZE.

Sitti develops gecko feet-inspired adhesive

Mechanical engineering professor Metin Sitti and his team have developed an adhesive material that mimics gecko feet.

Virtual concert brings us all together

The Global Network Orchestra, which consists of musicians from around the world, virtually performed together this past Saturday.

Insomnia comes in a variety of forms

This week's How Things Work is about the many types and causes of insomnia.

Pugwash: Bitcoin creates new kind of currency

What are Bitcoins, and why have they gotten people so excited?

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs are about the Bering land bridge, prenatal nicotine effects, embryo donations, a polio-like illness, aiding people with tremors, and effects of old paternal age.

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