Magazines are out, fashion blogs are in

A few years ago, if you asked people where they got their fashion inspiration, most would have said fashion magazines. As of late, however, many people have been replacing magazines — Vanity Fair reported an 11 percent drop in newsstand sales during 2013, according to the Alliance for Audited Media — with websites that are more easily accessible and contain the same information. These websites come in the form of fashion blogs, which are slowly taking over the fashion world.

While many fashion bloggers who have risen to fame started out with the sole intention of sharing style tips with the rest of society, many probably had no idea that this hobby or career-enrichment project would soon grow into a career in itself, with numerous benefits and opportunities.

Consider Emily Schuman, creator of fashion and lifestyle blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. Schuman’s story begins during her sophomore year at Scripps College, when she made the decision to work in something related to publishing, advertising, and fashion.

Two years later, upon graduation, Schuman began working at Teen Vogue and simultaneously started a fashion blog to share her interests and likes. Through advertisements and collaborations with clothing stores such as Juicy Couture, Schuman started earning money from her website and reached the point that she is at now, where the blog functions as her full-time career. She has even written a novel on the same topics as her blog, establishing her success in the industry.

Obviously not every story about fashion blogs is this successful, and Schuman’s success was also the result of a great deal of time and effort. However, it’s a fact that online blogs have become a major part of fashion.

In addition to independent blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere, there are also websites, like Lookbook, that allow individuals to post photos of their outfits online. Lookbook is interesting because people can not only share their outfits with each other, but they can also like — or “hype,” as it’s called on this website — and comment on others’ looks.

The most beneficial aspect of Lookbook is the variety. Not only do visitors get to see looks from people like themselves, but they also get to see outfits from around the world.

There are countless other fashion blogs from which one can gain fashion inspiration. For celebrity style, look at Olsens Anonymous, which features the beauty and fashion of child stars and current designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Although it may seem like they own the blog, it’s actually curated by someone who’s simply a fan of their style. Nevertheless, the detailed descriptions place it in the top 1 percent of fashion blogs across the globe as of fall 2013, according to signature9.com.

Another cool style blog is The College Fashionista. It’s tagline is, “Your campus is the runway,” which may sound intimidating, this website is quite helpful. The looks featured on the website maintain a balance between fashion-forward and classroom suitable, which is something anyone can strive for.

Furthermore, the website contains the option to filter by school, and guess what? Carnegie Mellon’s on there! There are also options to filter by trend or by category, so this blog is really helpful when looking to style a specific item of clothing.

With so many ideas related to fashion and lifestyle, there are hundreds upon thousands of fashion blogs that are each unique in some way. There’s even a blog about fashion blogging, called Independent Fashion Bloggers, which provides helpful tips for starting a blog.

Whether you want to start your own blog or you’re looking for fashion advice, these blogs are sure to get you thinking. An endless number of blogs exist, and one will always lead to the next, so finding them is not an issue. You never know; you could be the next Emily Schuman.