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Kai Roberts makes music about CMU, for CMU

This musician seeks a creative outlet for CMU stress culture

The Aliens provides spectacular catharsis

School of Drama performs powerful show despite lack of theatrics.

The Cold War continues in The Americans.

FX premieres first episode of what promises to be a solid second season of The Americans.

Magazines are out, fashion blogs are in

Find out about the latest fashion trends online.

Bad Words lives up to its name

Bad Words, recently premiered by AB Films, is an occasionally funny but ultimately unsatisfying comedy.

Oxymoron spins street narrative

Schoolboy Q releases new album with dark tones.

Feminism and fandom

Princeton professor Stacy Wolf gives talk on feminism in Broadway musicals of the 1960s.


WRCT talks about having live guests.

Advice for awkward people

Everything you need to know about advice columns and Jeopardy!


TUESDAY 3.4.14 Master Class with David Russell. Alumni Concert Hall, CFA. 7:30 p.m. David Russell will lead a free and open master class for violin. Dinh...

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