Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Committee Report: Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee is hosting its Faculty Course Evaluation town hall meeting this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the University Center’s Connan Room. The Communications Committee began its RE:FCE advertising campaign over the weekend. Members of Senate will receive tabling hours for attending the town hall event.

Committee Report: Campus Life

The Campus Life Committee is planning to have the updated Dean’s List posted in the University Center by spring break.

The committee is planning Senate’s annual T-shirt sale for the week after spring break, and has received administrative approval to sell the apparel during Spring Carnival.

The Campus Life Committee will provide snacks for Carnival move-on, and is researching possible food sources. The committee is working on its ongoing mental health “Am I Okay?” campaign, and putting together a potential Orientation skit on the topic.

Chair Report: University Center Expansion

There is going to be about 4,700 square feet of additional space on the third floor of the University Center after the scheduled construction is completed. The Office of Student Affairs is going to give students first priority for usage of the space. Student government will release a Google poll to gather more information soon.

Points of Discussion

Student Senate approved Peter Masters, a junior with a student-defined major in energy policy and an additional major in environmental policy, as a new member-at-large.

Student Senate also discussed the proposed Arts Pass Program resolution from the previous meeting. After discussing possible plans for the long-term sustainability of the Arts Pass Program, Senate voted to table the discussion to this week’s Executive Committee meeting, where Student Body Vice President of Finance and junior statistics major Jalen Poteat will be present.