Letter to the Editor: Student laments gallery’s loss of curator Suparak

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I wish to notify the Carnegie Mellon campus community about a recent death on campus. The Miller Gallery, located in the Purnell Building, has just suffered a recent change that resulted in the loss of a critically acclaimed gallery presence on our campus. The gallery would have been celebrating its 7th year of prestige this August.

In January 2014, College of Fine Arts Dean Dan Martin eliminated the curatorial position within the gallery. Astria Suparak held this position.
The elimination of Ms. Suparak’s position was done so that the gallery can now focus on student and faculty work rather than bringing outside shows, which are what bring the gallery national acclaim and a prestigious name.

From the most recent show, Alien She, to past shows such as Intimate Science, The Miller Gallery gained significant publicity in the art world outside of just Pittsburgh. The shows curated and brought in by Ms. Suparak resulted in large publicity for the gallery. The most recent show, Alien She, received a “Critics’ Pick!” article in ArtForum International Magazine and mentions in The Huffington Post, along with countless other publications. These publications, along with others of past exhibitions that Ms. Suparak brought into the gallery, are what gave this gallery located on a college campus a highly recognized name within the art world.

The art world will continue to remember The Miller Gallery’s presence and impact over the last six years as the gallery disappears into the Carnegie Mellon ‘bubble’ that it worked so hard to get out of.

See to view an archive of the gallery’s past prestige.

Jamie Earnest