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Letter to the Editor: Student laments gallery’s loss of curator Suparak

Student states that recent changes to The Miller Gallery will diminish much of its presence and impact, making it disappear into the Carnegie Mellon ‘bubble’ that it worked so hard to get out of.

Arizona victory advances LGBTQ rights momentum

Last week's victories in Arizona and Texas are evidence that the majority will not tolerate discrimination, thereby weakening conservative excuses and furthering the progress of the LGBTQ movement.

Hiring needs to Google change, avoid stagnation

Like Google, companies should be testing their recruitment processes and continually work to find more accurate ways to determine a candidate's ability.

Rule of law preservation is a necessity

WIthout preservation of rule of law, a dangerous precedent may be set for leaders to change laws whenever they want.

U.S. indifferent to Yahoo privacy breach

Americans have become indifferent about privacy, even though we are finding that spy organizations have been collecting unauthorized information from us for much longer than we have realized.

Student wellness worth more than free stuff

"Exploring Wealth, Discovering Wellness" demonstrates that groups planning an event should be cautious of simply offering free gifts and should try to advertise more selling points.

Under Construction an invaluable opportunity

Under Construction was a indispensable opportunity from which all Dietrich students could gain advice on finding a job and choosing a career.

Cutting defense budget proposal long-needed

In proposing budget cuts to the national defense budget, Secretary of State Hagel recognizes a solution to the nation's debt and is adjusting the military to the realities of 21st-century warfare.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is ready for some rest and relaxation this week. So we asked, "What are you doing for Spring Break?"

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