Housing "What's New?"

What’s New?

New upperclassmen housing: 624 Clyde house
Located across from Shady Oak apartments at 624 Clyde St., the new 624 Clyde house will contain 28–34 apartments for off-campus living. Unlike other off-campus residences, 624 Clyde will be looking strictly for students “with a global curiosity,” according to the application — students “who are committed to deepening their own intercultural competency, and who have an interest in developing a mutual understanding of their responsibilities to be active global citizens seeking to bring change to the world they can influence.” The building will have a kitchen, study lounge, and three common rooms.

CPDC replaces rooms on West Wing 2nd Floor
Students will be unable to apply for housing for the second floor of West Wing because the space will soon hold the new Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC), which currently resides in the basement of the University Center. Likewise, students who currently live on the second floor of West Wing will have to move elsewhere for the fall semester, but will be given priority during Room Selection.

Morewood Gardens to offer block housing
This fall, Morewood Gardens will join off-campus locations in offering block housing for upperclassmen. For block housing, six to 12 students may choose a “block” of apartments or rooms next to each other so that they may be in close contact. This option is popular for first-year students who enjoyed the people on their dorm floor, or for those who want to have better access to their closest friends. Other dorms that offer block housing include Webster, Fairfax, Neville, Shady Oak, and Shirley Apartments.

Fairfax Apartments not offering certain rooms
Rooms 218, 219, 319, 419, 519, 618, 619, 718, 719, 810, 819, and 919 will be unavailable as living spaces for the 2014–15 academic year, due to a need for “ongoing maintenance,” according to Housing and Dining Services. Students currently in these rooms will be given priority during room selection.