Dollar Movie

The Wolf of Wall Street

Thursday, March 27 — 10:30
Saturday, March 29 — 10:30

Martin Scorsese returns to make a ferocious film about real-life figure Jordan Belfort and his life chock-full of debauchery and corruption while heading his brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont. Warning: This movie isn’t for the faint of heart. Think of Frozen — and then imagine the exact opposite of that. Leonardo DiCaprio gives the performance of a lifetime as a hysterically arrogant Belfort who is on top of the world with his millions, his gorgeous trophy wife, and his endless supply of drugs. Despite the movie’s raunchiness, Scorsese and DiCaprio’s collaboration provide a fierce rush of energy and comedy that places it among the best films of the year.

Saving Mr. Banks

Sunday, March 30

We can all recall our childhoods being filled with memories of Disney films — but most of us don’t know the struggle to bring those films to the screen. After Walt Disney’s (Tom Hanks) daughters beg him to make an adaptation of P.L. Travers’s (Emma Thompson) “Mary Poppins,” he agrees to uphold his promise. When Disney reaches out to Travers, she is more than reluctant about selling her work into the moneymaking machine of Hollywood. Her stubbornness nearly derails the project and causes the production to stretch into 20 arduous years. Saving Mr. Banks is a captivating story that sheds light on the passion that both Disney and Travers had about the story of a magical nanny that they both wanted to share — although in completely different ways.