Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Audience Participation: Carlos Diaz-Padron

Carlos Diaz-Padron, junior information systems major and chair of the election board, spoke to Senate about the upcoming student government elections. Elections will began on Thursday, March 27. Debates will be hosted by The Tartan on Tuesday, March 25 for student body president and Wednesday, March 26 for student body vice president for organizations and student body vice president for finance.

The elections ratification meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 2.

Committee Updates: Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee discussed its recent Faculty Course Evaluation town hall meeting, which had a good turnout. A summary of the meeting’s discussion was provided to the administration to make changes to the current Faculty Course Evaluation system.

The Academic Affairs Committee is planning to put a printer in the Intersection housing cluster. The committee is also working on an academic relationships code that outlines a better relationship between students and faculty.

Special Allocation: Philosophy Dept.

Senate allocated $450 to the philosophy department. Although the allocation was originally $300, Senate voted to raise it to $450.

This money funded a trip to Israel during spring break for students in the philosophy department to learn more for a student-taught course that they are offering.

Special Allocation: Men’s Volleyball

Senate allocated $1062.52 to the men’s club volleyball team for a new net. The team did not receive the money earlier because of a student government error last fiscal year.