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Wall street to blow new housing bubble

Multiple homeownership by financial corporations has soared, and lack of regulation of this risky trend could create a new housing bubble, along with an ensuing financial crisis reminiscent of 2008.

2014 will be year of smart watches

2014 will be the year of smart watches, since they provide useful features and are finally starting to feel more similar to the traditional watches that are already mainstream.

Republicans' bullish senate prospects threaten Obama's legacy

Republicans are likely to take over the United States Senate in upcoming elections, which means an effective end to President Obama's agenda for the remainder of his term.

U.S. hypocrisy does not nullify Russian abuses

The United States does not hesitate to condemn Russia for propagating deception and injustice, but at the same time we fail to recognize and confront the same problems within our own nation.

Being 'good soldier' is no excuse for assault

The Senate's recent removal of the "good soldier" defense against alleged sexual assault is an excellent step toward properly punishing those who commit sexual assault in the United States military.

Banning 'bossy' encourages girls as leaders

The "Ban Bossy" campaign seeks to make people understand that language has impact, and that the cultural practice of discouraging young girls from pursuing leadership starts very early in life.

Block housing gives some unfair advantages

Housing and Dining Services's choice to offer block housing in Morewood Gardens fills student requests, but the block housing selection process must be altered to accommodate general room selection.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is watching the 2014 NCAA basketball tournament come to a head. So we asked,
What do you think of March Madness?

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