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Mathematical model forecasts the future of Facebook

Computer science postdoctoral fellow Bruno Ribeiro created a mathematical model of social media websites.

Researcher Profile: Jeffrey O. Hollinger

Jeffrey Hollinger, professor of biological sciences and biomedical engineering, started out in the Army and now works in academia.

TechBridgeWorld hosts biennial event

TechBridgeWorld, a research group started within the Robotics Institute, hosted TechBridgeWorld Interactive 2014 last Thursday.

Olympics winners determined by timekeeping technology

Read this week's How Things Work to find out how advanced timekeeping technology determines the true winners of the Olympics.

Pugwash: Drone regulation

This article is a summary of last week’s Pugwash discussion on drone regulation.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs discuss how dogs detect emotion, British bumblebees, DNA tests, empathy in elephants, iron deficiency, and exoplanets.

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