Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Budget Change Discussion

Last academic year, Student Senate allocated $16,500 in its budget for the Arts Pass Program. The program is running a deficit because of two events at Phipps Conservatory: the corpse flower blooming and the Winter Light Garden Flower Show. Students receive free admissions to Phipps Conservatory under the program.

Coordinator of Student Activities Tim Leonard asked Senate for an additional $4,500 to cover the $9,000 deficit that the Arts Pass program is projected to run this year.
A motion was made and passed to raise the Arts Pass Program line item in Senate’s budget to $21,000 to meet Student Activities’ request.

Special Allocation: CMU in Haiti

CMU in Haiti is a new organization that is planning a spring break trip to Haiti to build communities and form a long-lasting communal bond. Nine students and two professors will be traveling to Haiti from March 9–14. CMU in Haiti requested $5,500 to cover their travel and lodging costs.

Because the two professors going on the trip do not pay the student activities fee, which funds Senate’s special allocations, a motion was made to reduce the allocation to $4,500 — since each traveler accounted for $500 of the request — which Student Senate then granted to CMU in Haiti.

Arts Pass Program Presentation: Tim Leonard

Coordinator of Student Activities Tim Leonard gave a presentation to Student Senate to ask that they pass a recommendation to increase the Arts Pass Program line item in next year’s Senate’s budget to $26,000. A motion was made to decrease the recommendation to $21,000, the amount granted to Arts Pass Program this academic year after the vote to increase the line item earlier in the meeting.

To guarantee the sustainability of the Arts Pass program, a motion was made to request that a plan for sustainability be provided to Senate when the allocation is dispensed next semester. Senate passed the recommendation; although this recommendation does not allocate any money, it requests that next year’s Senate stay true to the recommended budget.