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Streaming means indie artists go broke

As streaming becomes more popular and increasingly few people buy music, it's become impossible for independent artists to make a decent living from their music.

Ukraine unrest reeks of Russian interventionism

As Euromaidan has come to a head over the past several weeks, Russia and the European Union continue to battle for influence over volatile Ukraine, whose future remains uncertain.

Sochi cannot afford high-roller attitude

The most expensive games in Olympics history may also be the most corrupt.

Hardworking Americans should not live in poverty

The current federal minimum wage is a state of poverty. The time has come for Americans to get a raise.

Inclusive Facebook gender options get a like

Facebook's new gender options are an enormous victory for the trans* — and, by extension, the LGBTQ — community.

Academia must be made accessible to public

Academics must work to break down the barriers between themselves and the general public in order to promote technological and scientific advancement.

NBC misses the gold with Olympic coverage

Offering access to the Olympic Games to those without cable subscriptions would promote the goal of community upheld by the Olympics.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan enjoyed a taste of Spring this week. So we asked, "What are you going to do when the weather gets nicer?"

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