Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Committee Reports

The Senate Internal Development Committee reported that they have created a Google Calendar of Senate events that members can use.

The Business Affairs committee announced that it is making shirts for the Senate body.

Special Allocation: BXA

The BXA program was allocated $1,000 to build a new lounge space. Representatives from the BXA program argued that it was the only academic program without some kind of lounge space, that all they have is the BXA house between Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall and Donner House. The new lounge area will be open to the public and will display the work of BXA students.

Presentation: Office of Student Activities

Coordinator of student activities Tim Leonard gave a presentation to Senate about the location of Spring Carnival after the new Tepper building breaks ground in the Morewood parking lot.

According to Leonard, Booth will now be held in the College of Fine Arts parking lot, which has enough room for all of the current booth organizations. The Carnival rides will be on the Mall and College of Fine Arts Lawn, and the main tent will be on the College of Fine Arts Lawn.

The Office of Student Activities considered many different locations before making a decision, including Gesling Stadium, Morewood Avenue, and Margaret Morrison Street.

Presentation: Anything But Coke

Sophomore directing major John Moriarty gave a presentation to Senate about a campaign he started to stop LGBTQ hate crimes in Russia, Anything But Coke.

The campaign aims to put pressure on Coca-Cola, a major sponsor of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, by boycotting its products. Moriarty came to Senate to request that Senate pass a directive to ban all Coca-Cola products from Entropy+. Senate passed the vote, recommending that Carnegie Mellon ban all Coca-Cola products on campus for the duration of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.