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Disney has responsibility to be progressive leader

DIsney has a responsibility to be progressive in its representation of different races and ethnicities, as well as non-traditional family structures.

Ukraine must join EU to ease unrest

With his nation close to open revolt, Ukranian President Yanukovych must know that a divided and economically-dead Ukraine is much worse than a Ukraine integrated into the European Union.

Dystopian future arriving fast as robots steal human jobs

As robots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and intelligent, they have also increasingly encroached upon occupations that were once primarily performed by people.

Stop-and-frisk threatens minority citizens' rights

With laws like the stop-and-frisk policy, America is stepping backward to a time before the Civil Rights Movement.

Data privacy day needs more publicity for full effect

Many people at Carnegie Mellon probably care about their data privacy, but they could know more about how to implement it with a more public Data Privacy Day on campus.

U.S. needs national humility to enact global change

The State of the Union focused on many ambitious goals, but if America wishes to be a credible leader for international change and development, we need to understand our own flaws first.

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