Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Committee Reports: Communications Committee

Communications Committee chair and sophomore information systems chair Evan Wineland gave a presentation on the current initiatives of the Communications Committee. The Committee is currently promoting its upcoming First Lecture series, in which senior students who were nominated by other students will talk about their Carnegie Mellon experience. The Communications Committee is also working with the Academic Affairs Committee to promote Student Senate’s Faculty Course Evaluation town hall event.

The Committee is also hiring a new poster policy coordinator, who will help the current three Student Senate members to take down posters that violate the poster policy and administer fines to offending student organizations.

Vacancy Elections

Student Senate held vacancy elections, during which four new senators were elected. Andrew Brock, a senior electrical and computer engineering major, and Ian Einhorn, a sophomore electrical and computer engineering major, were elected as senators to the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Ryan LaPré, a first-year chemistry major, was elected as a senator for the Mellon College of Science. Naomie Laguerre, a third-year architecture major, was elected as a senator for the College of Fine Arts.

Student Government Executive Bylaw Changes

Student Senate voted on whether or not to approve all of the bylaw changes presented by Student Body President and senior biology major Lindsay MacGillivray the previous week. Student Senate voted to approve every change except for one concerning the postering and graffiti policy, due to ambiguous language and confusion over whether or not the Fence included the gravel pit surrounding the actual Fence.

Student Senate tabled the discussion on the changes to the graffiti and postering policy until next week’s meeting.