Suresh proSEEDs to address student concerns

Suresh proSEEDs to address student concerns (credit: Eunice Oh/) Suresh proSEEDs to address student concerns (credit: Eunice Oh/)

Last Monday, President Subra Suresh announced ProSEED to the campus community via email. ProSEED is a program created to provide Carnegie Mellon students and affiliates with funding to facilitate the growth of early-stage seed projects. President Suresh announced that the program will be launched immediately and that it will serve as a support network for various seed-funding initiatives to assist various members of the campus community.

The Tartan commends President Suresh for enacting ProSEED quickly in response to student and faculty suggestions for improvement that he received during his campus-wide listening tours.

The initiative arrives just under eight months after President Suresh was inaugurated on July 1. President Suresh enacted this new program as part of the category “Seed Funding of New Ideas,” which he identified as one of five areas of continued dialogue between himself and campus members.

It is promising to see that President Suresh has taken into consideration what he has heard on his listening tours and is beginning to provide tangible programs in response to the concerns that many people have brought to light. The speed with which President Suresh announced this program, as well as the clear intentions and identifiable benefits of the program, are impressive.

ProSEED funds projects to enhance the campus community and campus culture. One application available through ProSEED is Crosswalk. According to President Suresh’s email, grants given through this application can be used to fund projects across multiple departments, more sections of popular courses for non-majors, and various campus life enhancements. Another application, Simon Initiative Seed Grants, can be used for projects that “use data-driven learning technologies,” according to the email.

These grants are clearly intended to enhance student, faculty, and staff life, and President Suresh has provided a clear way for community members to secure them for their projects.

As President Suresh continues his listening tour throughout the academic year, The Tartan hopes that he will provide further specific ways in which he is addressing the five categories of interest that he identified in October toward the start of his presidency. The announcement of ProSEED is promising; it is looking hopeful that the remaining four categories will be addressed in the same fashion.