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Death of the Tea Party imminent

With obstructive politics on the decline, it is unlikely that the Tea Party will ever have the amount of influence it did prior to 2013.

Mortar Board lecture inspires students

“The Moral of the Story” reminded us we cannot fully control our fate, and the only way that we will enjoy our lives is if we enjoy the journey along the way and make time for what really matters.

Dramatic political climate promises exciting decade

With NSA leaks, drone attacks, and the Republican Party's shaking foundations, America's political scene is shifting beneath our feet, and it’s liable to turn inside-out at any moment.

Middle class growth key to combat U.S. inequality

With income inequality at the forefront of national political discussion, the solution must be to drive middle-class growth, rather than moving wealth by state fiat from the rich to the poor.

Zoo euthanasia a tragic but inevitable reality

Controversy over the killing of a Copenhagen Zoo giraffe brings up important questions about the role of zoos — institutions with good intentions but limited resources.

Suresh proSEEDs to address student concerns

Last Monday, President Subra Suresh announced a new seed-funding program, ProSEED, in an impressive response to student concerns.

Tech companies' special treatment unjustified

Mammoth shuttle buses employed to ferry around tech company employees have been illegally using San Francisco city bus stops as their own private pick up points, thus inciting a larger class struggle.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan celebrated a day of hearts and chocolate this week. So we asked, "What do you think about Valentine’s Day?"

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