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Behrmann studies how brain works with one hemisphere

Professor of psychology Marlene Behrmann studies brain plasticity, the ability of the brain to change and adapt its structure and function.

Guest speaker discusses theory of neural dimensionality

Surya Ganguli, assistant professor of physics at Stanford University, spoke about a theory of neural dimensionality at CMU last week.

Making alternatives to milk to sidestep lactose intolerance

What makes a person lactose intolerant? How are milk alternatives made? Read this week's How Things Work to find out!

Pugwash: Anonymity on the Internet is both a blessing and a curse

This week's Pugwash discussion was on anonymity online.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs is on the discovery of early European footprints, a unique sector of the brain that contributes to advanced thought, and why women grow more slowly.

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