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CMU students release Wop de Wop, the debut EP of electronic brass collaborative project

Jakeisrain and C Street Brass released their first collaborative EP, Wop de Wop, this Saturday. Jake Berntsen, a sophomore music technology and philosophy...

PSO takes audiences on a stellar journey

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO)performed The Planets – An HD Odyssey last weekend, which combined the wonders of the galaxy with high-resolution...

Personalize your space with simplistic décor

Easy DIY projects for improving any dorm room or apartment in a flash using everyday items

Scott Bradlee makes Nickelback sound good

YouTube Channel reimagines modern pop songs with vintage flair from many eras and genres.

Pittsburgh Glass Center premieres new display

Visitors flocked to the Pittsburgh Glass Center (PGC) last Friday night for the opening of the Halfway to Somewhere exhibit by resident artists Granite...

Shrek is layered like an onion

For Shrek diehards, the musical is a must see. For everyone else, the humor and story is strong enough to make the two hours fly by.

Dollar Movie

Check out a handful of films dealing with love, romance, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this weekend's Dollar Movies!

CMU professor blends musical cultures

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO)’s performance of Gustav Holst’s The Planets was definitely the most heavily advertised event last weekend at Heinz...

Advice for Awkward People

[BOLD]Dear Matt & Ryan, Valentine’s Day is the worst. I’m always single and have nothing to do, and all of my friends have significant others so...

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