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Kingsford receives grant for genetic data searching research

Carl Kingsford, associate professor at Carnegie Mellon’s Lane Center for Computational Biology, received a grant to study genetic data searching algorithms.

LeDuc studies significance of mechanics in cell signaling

Philip LeDuc, a professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon, studies the mechanical aspects of cellular communication.

Froehlich gives lecture on data-collection methods

Guest speaker Jon Froehlich gave a human-computer interaction lecture last week on developing mechanisms to identify accessible places for people with disabilities.

Pugwash: Military research at academic institutions raises questions

Pugwash is a non-advocacy, educational organization that discusses the implications of science. This article is a discussion on the issue of military research being conducted at academic institutions.

3-D printing creates objects with a layer-by-layer process

This week's How Things Work explains the process behind 3-D printing.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech briefs covers a mammoth skeleton, Titan's stratosphere, DNA wires, the Antares rocket, a unique enzyme, and lab-grown stomachs.

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