Movies in McConomy

Guardians of the Galaxy
Friday, Nov. 7 — 8, 10:30 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 9 — 8 p.m.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, all of your weirdest and wildest fantasies come to life: Andy Dwyer ripped and fighting aliens, Zoe Saldana trading in her signature Avatar blue skin for Gamora’s green shade, Vin Diesel being used solely for his body (he’s a CGI tree that can only say three words), and Bradley Cooper being Bradley Cooper. All these elements added up to an enormous amount of buzz this summer (For real, people would not shut up). But it wasn’t for nothing. Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that has a golden ratio of chuckles to action. You come out of the movie feeling light, happy, and slightly confused — happy and light because Marvel essentially announces there will be a second one and confused because the end credit scene was more than baffling. You will need to Google it. I had to.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Saturday, Nov. 8
8, 11 p.m.

Look! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no; it’s the wrong reference, but another superhero movie sequel. I can’t say I fully understood why Sony was making a parallel series to the Spider-Man trilogy called The Amazing Spider-Man — I’m still sort of confused to this day — but I’ll play along like any good pawn in a capitalist society. However, Toby Maguire will always be Spider-Man/Peter Parker, James Franco will always be Harry Osbourne, Kirsten Dunst’s M.J. will always be the main love interest. With that said, here Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Dane DeHaan is Harry Osbourne, and Emma Stone’s Gwen is the new main love interest. The movie starts off with Peter becoming more comfortable as Spider-Man; he’s swingin’ from buildings and doing cool tricks and such. There are also three villains in this installment. Three! If you ask me, once you move past one, one-and-a-half, two villains, it starts to get crowded. So if you like a will-they won’t-they kind of love story and awesome fight sequences that make movies drag on a little too long, the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the movie for you.