Student Senate meeting minutes

HealthyU student wellness results presentation

Director of University Health Services Anita Barkin gave a presentation to Student Senate on the results of the HealthlyU survey, which for the first time this year included both undergraduates and graduate students. The survey, which was administered in November 2013, collected data on the health behaviors in which students are participating. It is an established college health assessment tool which has been used on over 32,000 students nationwide. HealthyU assesses students’ general health and well-being, levels of stress, substantive abuse, sexual health, and nutrition.

The survey was emailed to all students and responses were confidential and aggregated to provide a picture of health issues on campus. There was a response rate of about 35 percent for undergraduate students, and about 37 percent for graduate students. Sixty percent of respondents reported moderate to high stress that they were not managing well. Many students identified a lack of sleep as a cause of stress. Sixteen percent of undergraduates and 11 percent of graduate students reported experiencing mental health issues, and 85 percent of students have not used any tobacco products in the past month. Additional results were gathered regarding nutritional status, sexual health, and other factors. University Health Services plans to send out the HealthyU survey annually.

Ex oficio report: Amy Burkert

Vice Provost for Education Amy Burkert gave a presentation regarding the university’s new Global Communications Center and its connection to improved undergraduate education in research. Burkert reported that undergraduate research is thriving on campus and stressed the important role of academic advising in helping plan and assist in a student’s education ventures. Burkert also discussed the potential role that technology should play in education. A town hall meeting will be held on these topics on Nov. 17, 4:30–6 p.m.