Student Senate meeting minutes

SARVP update

Sophomore economics major Vaasavi Unnava and junior decision science major Julia Eddy gave an update on the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention (SARVP) committee. SARVP is working with the Pittsburgh Student Government Council (PSGC) on campus sexual assault policies. The SARVP hosted discussions last week and this week on the university’s policy.

Chair update: alumni giving

Junior information systems major Evan Wineland and junior decision science major Julia Eddy, chair and vice-chair of Student Senate, respectively, updated the body on their ongoing initiatives. They discussed Carnegie Mellon’s push for students and alumni donating money back to the university, something that university President Subra Suresh emphasized when he spoke to Senate earlier in the semester.

Student giving, Wineland and Eddy said, reflects pride in Carnegie Mellon and adds value to a Carnegie Mellon degree, along with a host of other benefits.

A committee has been formed to make student giving a part of the university’s culture.

Special Allocation: CMU Chabad dinner

CMU Chabad requested money from Senate for a joint Chabad dinner, shared with the University of Pittsburgh and the surrounding community. 90 Carnegie Mellon students attended the event, the majority of which were undergraduates. Senate voted to allocate $1,260 to the organization.

Ex officio report: Gina Casalegno and Anita Barkin

Dean of Student Affairs Gina Casalegno and director of University Health Services Anita Barkin spoke to Senate about the university’s on-campus smoking policy, which is under review by a diverse committee.

There is a clear trend, Casalegno and Barkin said, for a smoke- and tobacco-free campus. According to last year’s HealthyU survey, 85 percent of undergraduate students reported no nicotine consumption in the past 30 days, and the committee reached a consensus that Carnegie Mellon should become a smoke- and tobacco-free campus. Students can give feedback on the proposed smoking policy online.