Student Government launches website to track initiatives

Laura Scherb Dec 1, 2014

On Monday, Student Government launched a new website as part of an initiative to engage the student body.

The website, spearheaded by Student Body President Ian Glasner and his cabinet, was created by junior information systems major Jake Correa, chief technology officer, and senior design major Sam Ahmed, chief marketing officer.

"It is our hope that the website will help to gauge students' interest of different issues to better allocate Student Government's limited time and resources," Glasner, a senior electrical and computer engineering and business administration double major, said.

The website, which requires a valid Andrew ID to vote, lists on its home page five initiatives that were conceptualized by Student Government. Students can vote on which of the projects they think the cabinet should concentrate its efforts on. The current listed initiatives concern: the university moratorium policy (better known as the 'no class policy'), a tobacco-free campus policy, an internal discipline process for underage alcohol consumption, increased promotion of the cross registration program, and expanded shuttle and escort services at peak travel hours.

According to Glasner, the website, which was conceptualized in May, will feature initiatives that rotate every six to eight weeks during the year to "continuously gather feedback from the student body." After the current iteration, Glasner said, the cabinet hopes to feature ideas taken from students across campus.

The website is available at