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Kill ACA, government for the people dies too

Instead of blindly rooting for an Obamacare repeal, which may have fatal ramifications, we should call for the Supreme Court to make the choice that is best for the people.

Use CMU lessons to pursue passions

Carnegie Mellon has taught me that work is a gift, and no matter what work you do, your heart should be in it.

Student behavior apps are technology’s answer to gold stars

Classroom apps like ClassDojo create a virtual classroom that children respond to, making it an effective method of feedback for teachers, parents, and students.

State of emergency will make Ferguson mess worse

The militaristic response in preparation for the conclusion of the Ferguson grand jury's investigation into Darren Wilson's shooting of Michael Brown will only serve to escalate the conflict.

New endowment promising for some, not all students

With the cost of attendance for the 2018 graduating class totaling $63,822, it is more important than ever that the university has established funds for assisting prospective students.

Elephant and donkey alike must support free Internet

Net neutrality is a critical aspect of protecting free speech, and the public understanding of this issue must not be clouded by political misrepresentations of the topic.

R.I.P. free Capitalism

Startups like Aereo are often unnecessarily burdened by defunct regulations and a broken system which protect archaic company models from the disruption of innovation.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is gearing up for apple pie and Black Friday shopping. So we asked, "How do you get into the holiday spirit?"

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