Student Senate meeting minutes

Ex officio report: Pascal Petter

Director of Dining Pascal Petter presented to Senate about upcoming changes in Dining Services. Petter spoke about the new Tartan Express food truck, and showed a rendering of what Skibo Café will look like after the Jared L. Cohon University Center is expanded.

Committee updates

The Academic Affairs committee is working on several initiatives, including Professor Talks — when professors announce campus events during the first minute or two of their class — and student spotlights, which would feature academically strong students. The Academic Affairs Committee is also still working on the Academic Relationships Code, a set of tenets meant to define policies for interactions between students and professors.

Special Allocations

Student Senate voted to allocate $4,500 to Project Rwanda. Senate also voted to allocate $312.44 to Bhangra in the Burgh and $120 to Lambda Phi Epsilon, to cover the cost of the Asian Pacific American Pageant that the organization is planning.

Presentation of Fiscal Policy changes

Junior economics and decision science double major and Finance Committee Chair Landon He presented a series of changes to Senate’s fiscal policy. These changes redefined how a special allocation can be denied, as well as the voting policy on different types of recommendations. These changes, and another round of changes proposed two weeks ago, were both passed with a vote.