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Common Core isn’t core of problem

Advocating for an improvement in the classroom environment to promote a healthier kind of learning is feasible, but treating the Common Core as a scapegoat is not the answer.

Student participation vital in strategic plan

Students should be actively involved in Carnegie Mellon's strategic planning process.

CMU campus redesigns are flawed

The food truck and the relocation of bicycle parking in the newly renovated Legacy Plaza reflects poor planning and design on part of the University.

Supreme Court ruling could mean Obamacare’s deathbed

King v. Burwell, the latest Supreme Court challenge to the Affordable Care Act, may lead to a fatal blow to the bill in the coming few months.

Swift too slow to stop future of music industry

For Taylor Swift, taking leave from Spotify is more a political protest than an economically relevant move in an industry where the traditional model is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

CMU supports Conflict Kitchen and community

The university's condemnation of the death threats received by Conflict Kitchen is a promising indicator that the university will continue to back its students and faculty in the face of controversy.

Nonprofits exempt from taxes, not responsibility

It is not only fair but in the best interest of large, nonprofit organizations to establish a long-term deal through which they can financially contribute to the city of Pittsburgh.

Prioritization fine if free, open Internet isn’t hurt

While internet service providers should be allowed to create hardware optimizations for specialized uses, we must also ensure net neutrality for an open and free internet.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan had a great time at the Walk the Moon concert this weekend. So we asked, "Who do you want to play next year's concert?"

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